The MicroBase® Database

Welcome to the MicroBase home page, the source of fast, accurate real estate information. Through MicroBase, you can access up-to-date taxrolls & sales data, color aerials, maps and plats.

The MicroBase® database, created by MicroDecisions, Inc., an Orlando, Florida based Public Records and Real Estate Data Information Vendor, provides access to public records and real estate data. MicroDecisions' methodology of obtaining and creating public records databases ensures that the data is the most up-to-date, accurate and reliable source available.

There are three vehicles of access to the MicroBase database service as follows.

MicroBase Plus

MicroBase Plus accesses the database using the Internet. This fully enhanced database is comprised of taxroll and sales information, color vector assessor maps, recorded plat maps and digitized color aerial photography. It has features such as street maps, mortgage information, census tract information, building sketches, customizable mailing label capabilities (including barcodes and USPS tray labels), fully customizable reports, and export capabilities. This is a subscription service offered by MicroDecisions to individual companies. This is not a browser-based solution, but a fully-fledged desktop GIS system, that allows work off-line when an Internet connection is not available.

MicroBase Web Browser Service

The MicroBase Web Browser Service allows clients to access a more basic version of the database. This version is comprised of taxroll and sales information and has features such as mortgage information, census tract information, building sketches, and customizable mailing labels. This web browser service has been designed to meet the specific needs of large client groups such as Boards of REALTORS®, Associations and large statewide client groups who need cost efficient access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date public records for their members and associates.

Learn more about the Web Browser Service.

MicroBase Bulk Data Service

The MicroBase Bulk Data Service allows clients to access on a regular basis extracts of the property data databases or else copies of the original public records files provided by the government agencies. The extracts or copies can be distributed by FTP and the extracts additionally in real-time using XML - so that record data can be displayed transparently within your user's application. This service has been designed to meet the specific needs of large clients that republish the data or use it for marketing.

Learn more about the Bulk Data Service.

MicroBase currently maintains data for each county in the state of Florida. Bulk Data and Web Browser service is available for all counties, and subsets of counties in major demographic areas for MicroBase Plus.

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