MicroBase Affiliate Program

We have positions available currently for affiliate marketers.

If you think you can drive web traffic to our site, we offer some of the highest affiliate compensation available. What's more, we allow you, the affiliate, so set discounted price points, and the commission on each sale is never less than $250.

You will be someone who wants to work from home, at any hour, and never have to go to an office. You can work from anywhere in the world - with an Internet connection - and take a vacation whenever you want.

We need people who are already affiliates for other products, and/or who might have a web-site related to our industry, a newsletter, email lists you regularly send to, or bloggers, influencers, brand ambassadors or any with a web following or network of contacts in the real estate industry.

If you are a writer, you will need a good command of English since our market is in Florida in the USA.

If you are already an affiliate marketer, you well understand the process. If you are new to affiliate marketing, or want to join this fast growing work-from-home experience, you might know there are tremendous opportunities for significant income. Of course, you do not have to write a blog or have a web-site to be an affiliate marketer, you can pick up the phone and reach out to potential customers - perhaps even the networks you already have.

A large percentage of brands and publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing, a statistic that is likely to continue to increase as the upward trend of affiliate marketing spending continues every year in the United States. Benefits to the affiliate include passive income - or making money while you are asleep. You have no support overhead, and do not have to deal with returns or complaints. You have no initial costs, apart from developing an advertising campaign, and, best of all, you are your own boss and work your own hours from wherever you want to be and your compensation is purely performance based.

For more information, please email at HR@microdecisions.com or complete the form in the sidebar to have someone contact you.

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