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The MicroBase Web Service provides public records data and real estate information to large client groups who require online, “real time” direct data feeds from the MicroBase® Database for seamless incorporation of record data to populate or be displayed transparently (mashup) within their own Web-oriented application as ad-hoc requests, or other mapping or data-centric applications or systems. Licensing for this service allows incorporation to the client's company branded applications or systems. Through this data delivery system large client groups are provided fast and reliable access to the most up-to-date and accurate data available.

The service has been built and developed over a Web Standards Compliant foundation framework that offers flexible compatibility with multiple differing application and interface formats and protocols, the service is platform independent.

This Web service is highly customizable to meet specific client needs and pricing is determined by these variables. Examples of customization include, but are not limited to: client defined data-types; data-type delivery frequency; application and interface formatting; and geographic data compilation.

Examples of client-types for whom the MicroBase Web Service is well-suited include, but are not limited to: title insurance underwriters; lender servicing companies; real estate tax servicing companies; multi-divisional real estate transaction services; real estate related software companies; MLS services; real estate appraisers; marketing and marketing analytics firms.

The service currently offers public records data and real estate information for each of the 67 Florida counties. MicroDecisions is rapidly compiling data for several other states, predominantly in the Southeastern region of the United States, to incorporate within the MicroBase Database. As developmental phases are completed access to the new data will be made available to MicroBase Web Service clients.

For detailed information regarding data-types, current geographic coverage, specifications and implementation of the MicroBase Web Service please e-mail webservice@microdecisions.com to request a conveniently scheduled teleconference.

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