The licensing policy is a mix of site and access licenses operated by users. A subscriber ("Subscriber") enters into a service agreement for one or more sites (an office or workplace) ("Site(s)") that each has one or more users ("User(s)") associated with it. As such, the subscriber is provided one or more Site Licenses and one or more access licenses ("Access License") used by the Users. Each Access License is tied to a specific Site License and must be operated by a User associated with that site as a nexus for his or her employment. A User is defined as:

Installations are of the following types:

Access Licenses may be of the following types:

Access Licenses purchased must be one of the four permutations:


So, for example, if a brokerage has an installation in the office for common use with a single terminal, and 6 agents use the product unrestricted from their own homes, subscriber needs 7 Fixed licenses. However, the brokerage could replace that with one Shared Floating license that would allow access from all 7 installations, but with a 20 minute interval between accesses from different installations.

Another example: An appraisal company has two offices and wants to install product on a workstation in the first office and have 3 appraisers associated with a second office use the product. For unrestricted access, Subscriber needs one Site license and one Shared Fixed license for the first office; and one Site license and three Private Floating licenses for the second office.

Companies that wish to publish or resell extracts of the data to third parties must purchase a resale license for the product concerned. Downloading and publishing/reselling more than 5000 records to any one party (or allowing a party to search through more than 5000 records) from the real estate data databases or more than 100 map/plat/aerial/official record images to any one party in (or searching through more than 100 such images) to any one party in any one calendar month is prohibited. Distribution of resale product to other locations for distribution requires additional Site licenses. For sales of data in bulk, other resale and/or republishing circumstances, please contact us.

Companies or institutions with large networks may be required to purchase a minimum of 50 licenses.

Companies that share premises and access to the products must each purchase their own subscription, unless all but one of the companies are subsidiaries of the other, or the companies are sister companies in that all are owned by a single controlling group.

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