Terms, Conditions and Policies

The following is a description of our terms, conditions and policies.

All contracts are for a year at a time and are billed annually or quarterly in advance (in which case to each billing will be added 1/60 of the annual service fee as a billing/finance charge). Any account billed quarterly can be prepaid and further billing/finance charges will be waived. Terms are net 15. Contracts will be billed annually if less than $750 - else the customer may select the payment plan. All contracts are for a minimum of one year and require advance written notice between 30 and 90 days before renewal in order not to automatically renew. However, automatic renewal for the current annual period will be waived on the payment of one month's service fee at contract execution. Similarly, notice of cancellation effective at the end of the current annual period will be accepted at any time prior to the end of the current contract period on payment of one month's service fee at the time of cancellation.

In any event, if no activity is logged on our servers for the account on or after the renewal date and the invoice covering that inactive period is not paid, the account will be deemed canceled. However, we strongly advise written notice if you have employees - or even past employees - who may continue to use the product as the subscriber is liable for another term of the contract should they do so.

There is a one-time account set-up charge of $75. Technical support will spend time over the phone with you touring the product if requested.

All software and data are licensed to the subscriber according to the license on the service contract. The number of users and workstations is limited according to the license purchased. All users must be bona fide employees of or independent contractors associated with subscriber's business.

Rates are according to subscribed product and license purchased, with license discounts for larger packages. Licenses and products can be adjusted by customer as long as the account is current and any cumulative change downwards in any one contract year does not result in a more than a 20% change in price. Downward price changes are effective the next billing cycle unless made by the invoice due date. Upward price changes are billed on request date. Product and licenses added during an annual contract period may not be removed in that same annual period.

Customers on prior pricing plans making changes will have all product and licenses priced at the current rates except where product or licenses are being added only. Material changes in product mix may require a new annual contract to be executed.

Notwithstanding, we offer free access online to any taxroll product for 48 hours, not to exceed one request each 30 days and the same product cannot be requested more than once each 90 days.

Online access time is unlimited, unless indicated otherwise. Extra time is $30 per hour, billed to nearest tenth of an hour.

Maps cannot be viewed without the software provided.

Customer Support will answer your questions about MicroBase, the taxrolls and maps themselves and will attempt to help you with installation and equipment problems over the phone.

Under current Department of Revenue rules, MicroBase is not a taxable service for subscribers accessing data online.

Companies that wish to republish or resell data to third parties must purchase a resale license for each site from which they sell data: this license is required even if redistributing data from a licensed location to other unlicensed company locations.

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